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So yeah... I'm trying out commissions.


Cynthia couldn't sleep at all. The storm was getting worse as she remembered the harsh words the prince had said to her.

"I don't want you near me any more. You are only just to serve me as your advisor and nothing more!" He shouted at her and turned away. "I have arranged your car to take you back to your home in the morning. You'll be leaving at first light." He growled before sitting down, facing towards the lit up garden.

A gentle tear came from her eye as she thought of the prince. A knock on the door soon brought her back to the present.
"I'm sorry to call you so late, can we talk?" Prince David's voice came from behind it and Cynthia jumped up to wrap her dressing gown around herself as she opened the door. She had hardly enough time to notice him there before she was crushed into his chest. He began to talk to her as she looked up at him.

"I was horrible to you, earlier... I guess, I'm weaker than I thought..." He sighed as he looked down into Cynthia's eyes, his once beautiful brown eyes, no longer held it's shine and beauty. He looked sadly into her eyes, tiredness clearly showing itself to her.
"What happened?" She asked after a minute or two, recovering from the sudden hug of the prince.
"It's nothing... I just realized what a coward I am..." He looked away from her for a couple of seconds, before going back to meet her gaze. He pulled her out of his embrace, looking at her with an intense gaze, bracing her with both hands on her shoulders.

"I have made up my mind. To do what I did, on a night like this, is not something a prince should do." He looked down at her and smiled slightly. "All I can think of is how much I want to be with you. I love you, Cynthia."
"I hope that I am not too late, if you can find it in your heart to love me..." He stopped as his delicate fingers squeezed her shoulders. Even though his hands where only touching her, she could feel the warmth as if they were in a tight embrace.
"Prince David... I have the same feelings for you." She blushed as she looked into his deep brown eyes. "I-I love you. I have loved you for so long."
Prince David grinned and stepped backwards slightly. "Then let it be known that I will give up the crown, if it meant being with you."

"Will you be my princess?"

His smile finally grew to it's normal self again as he cupped her face with both his hands, stroking her cheeks gently with his fingertips. He slowly lifted her face up to him and kissed her softly and slowly.
Sleeping Problems
*squee* Might be more, but this is what I really wanted to get out. :3
"What a lovely room..." Cynthia looked around the room as she entered it. The room was filled with antique furniture and looked just like a room fit for a princess. The view from the big window was as beautiful as a painting. She felt like she was dreaming. Back before she met the royal family, she only lived in a cheap apartment with only cheap furniture and now, she can stay in places like this and live in comfort for the first time in her life.
"I'm glad you like it, Miss." Edward replied, putting down her luggage in her room. "If there is anything you need, please feel free to let me know any time." He told her before walking outside. "Also..." Edward turned his head slightly to face her. "I was asked to pass along a message from his Highness."
"Oh? What is it?" Cynthia asked, looking back at the groundskeeper. "He said that he wishes to show you something soon and so he would be very happy to see you in the garden once you get settled."
"Something he wants to show me?" Cynthia repeated Edward and looked at him,  confused. "It is a very special thing to him, Miss." Edward said with a warm smile. "I would suppose that you may wish to change first, maybe into something a bit more comfortable." He suggested as he looked at her in the eyes for a long time as she looked back at him curiously.
"What is it?" She asked, staring back at him.

"His Highness... Until now, he has always came here alone." Edward looked past Cynthia, out of the window. "He uses this place to restore his spirit, so he may return to his life of service, refreshed." The groundskeeper looked back up at her and smiled. "Believe me when I say that you are the first one he has brought here." Edward turned around again and walked off. "Finally... He has found someone he can trust with the deepest desires of his heart..." He muttered quietly before turning back to Cynthia for the last time.

"I'm very happy the prince has found you, Miss White." Edward finally bowed to Cynthia and walked off, leaving her to unpack and get comfortable.
His work finally finished, Prince David and Cynthia sneaked off in the dead of the night. Borrowing one of the cars, they took off for his vacation home.

"This is your vacation home?!" Cynthia gasped at the amazing sight of the huge mansion. Ivy grew from the tower walls and the windows were in pristine condition.
"Yes, the Keswick family have taken their holidays here for a while now." He smiled and looked over at her. "I have heard that it was built several centuries ago, and was very lucky to survive the war." Behind him, the stone walls of the castle stood tall. Cynthia marveled at how at home the prince seemed as he stood in front of the castle. The castle stood before the mountains coloured in vivid reds and yellows which made the castle stand out beautifully in the mountains.
The castle gates opened and a middle-aged man with striking silver hair stepped out to greet them.
"It's been some time, Your Highness." The silver haired man bowed to the prince. "It has. Thank you for taking care of the place." Prince David acknowledging the gentleman. "I was looking forward to your arrival." The gentleman turned to face Cynthia and nodded to her. "And this lovely lady must be Miss White."
She smiled and curtsied to the host, trying to be gracious. "Hello. My name is Cynthia White. It is a pleasure to meet you."
"And you, my lady. My name is Edward, I am the groundskeeper here." He turned towards the castle. "Please allow me to show you to your rooms with the utmost haste."
"I shall take your luggage as well." He dipped into a smooth bow, picked up the luggage of Cynthia's and gestured to the other servants to take the princes luggage and headed off towards the castle. Cynthia walked quickly towards the groundskeeper. "It's fine! I can take my own luggage!"
Edward continued walking. "This is part of my job. Please leave everything to me and relax, Miss White." He smiled warmly as he turned around to look at her. "Thank you very much..." Cynthia looked at Prince David, who nodded back to her. They both followed Edward into the castle together.


"It's very quiet around here..." Cynthia muttered to herself even though her voice echoed down the quiet corridors.
Since Cynthia entered the castle, she hadn't seen or heard anyone else. Such a huge castle, why isn't there anyone else around? She thought as she followed Edward and the Prince down the corridors.
"There is no one else coming, isn't that right, Edward?" The Prince queried, following the gentleman step by step.
"Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness and Miss White are our only guests."
Cynthia was surprised by the reply. Only guests?!
"Just the two of us?" She asked, speeding up slightly. "Did you want to stay in the same room?" Edward asked, grinning slightly as he walked slowly down the hall to their rooms.
"No! Well... I mean..." Prince David looked surprised and it was clear to see that a blush was on his face. "Um.. Well..." Cynthia blushed deeply as the same time as the prince. They both looked at each other and blushed deeper. Edward watched them with a kind, amused smile on his face. "It appears you two wish to lodge separately. Please, allow me to show you to your rooms. Your Highness, I have prepared the same room for you as always."
"In that case, I can make my own way. If you would please show Miss White to her room?" Prince David replied as he halted the journey and looked at them both. "Of course, Your Highness. Miss White, if you would follow me to your room." Cynthia nodded and smiled at the Prince.
"Of course, thank you." She replied, taking deep breaths as Edward began walking again, leaving the prince behind.
Keswick Vacation
I wonder what is going to happen later...? :3
"But... You just said that you were going on your own." Cynthia was surprised by the prince and his sudden decision to take her to his own vacation.
"I've been meaning to invite you, but I never had the chance with Thomas always three steps away to interrupt my conversations and get in the way of plans." He smiled softly and looked her in the eyes. "I would really like you to go on vacation with me... Only if you would like, of course."
Cynthia thought about it quickly, worrying if it would be alright or not. Coming to her answer, she looked back into the princes eyes and nodded slightly. "Yes, I would love to come with you." She answered him but she was still unsure if it would be alright with the prince, but she still wanted to spend time with him.
"I'm glad to hear that, I thought you might have said no. I just thought that since we always seem to be followed by the media, and the paparazzi, you might be getting tired of being around me." Prince David replied, smiling wide. "But even so, if you're there, I know this will be a lovely vacation." Prince David put his hand over hers, his eyes shining.
"But if it gets out in the media that you were seen vacationing with me... What would we do then?"
"We could just forget about all this pretense and go public." Cynthia was shocked by that comment, knowing that there would be problems in the long run.
"We might need an action as bold as that to bring change. Both for this country and myself." Prince David mumbled to himself in a frail voice, his eyes growing slightly dark. He pulled away to look out the window once again. Cynthia watched him, watching the scenery go by quickly though his autumn brown eyes.
Prince David decides to bring Cynthia along to his vacation. What is her answer?
After walking out of the newly built university, Prince David finally had some time to rest before a limousine arrived to pick him up.
Thomas walked over to the limousine, opened the door for the prince and looked over. "Please get in, Your Highness. Miss White will be riding in a separate car with me." He looked over at Cynthia with a grim look upon his face.
"I am sure you understand why we must be cautious, Miss White."
She nodded politely and smiled slightly. "I understand." She turned to the prince before pulling out a small checklist. "Your Highness, I would like to hand you your next outfit before we get into separate cars." She smiled and tilted her head slightly.
"Actually, I have a few questions about my next outfit. Why don't you ride with me?" He smiled wide, opening the limousine door as he asked her. Thomas glared at them both. "Absolutely not. The media are crawling all over the area, if they see you with-" He was cut off with a glare from the prince. "Again, Thomas? We are just having a professional meeting in the car. Is there anything wrong with that?" He sternly finished, looking his butler into his eyes. Thomas stepped backwards slightly and looked away, breaking the princes line of sight. "Well... Not professionally but-"
"Exactly. Come on, Cynthia, get in." He interrupted Thomas and turned back to Cynthia, beckoning her to get inside.
"Is it really alright?" She slowly began walking towards the vehicle, trying to ignore Thomas. Ignoring the worried look on Thomas's face, Prince David tugged lightly on her arm.
"I believe I should accompany you as well, Your Highness." Thomas says before the door closes. "There's no need. It wouldn't hurt to have some time to myself in a while." Prince David lightly pushed Thomas away and rolled up the window before anything else could be said.


"Is everything alright with Thomas?" Cynthia asked the prince as he looked out of the window, watching the crowd cheer and trees go past in a slight blur. "Sure, he's always that way." The prince answered, not moving his head from the window where the crowd slowly rolled by.
Prince David looked at the fleeting view of the city outside and sighed gently. They were driving past the trees with their leaves turning softly into beautiful autumn reds and yellows. The sight was beautiful but the look on the prince's face wasn't very cheerful. Cynthia could tell he was tired, she felt worried for his health when he glanced at her.
"It'll be hectic for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Will you be able to hold up till then?"
"Yes, I'll be fine. But I worry about you-" He stopped her mid sentence with a wink and a grin.
"I'm fine, thank you. Work is work after all. Besides, my vacation will be starting tomorrow anyway."
"I understand." She smiled softly, before looking down at her checklist. "So... I understand you wanted to know about your next outfit? Since you will be planting a tree at the ceremony, I prepared something easy to move in..." She started explaining, pulling out the outfit gently from the chest to show him.
But, seeming to have other ideas, he moved closer to her, his face only inches away from hers. His gentle brown eyes gazed into hers, her heart thumping against her chest as if it wanted to escape.
"Why don't you come with me on my vacation?"
Limousine Arguements
Thomas and Prince David argue over rights to sit in a car? What does Prince David want to talk to her about in there?
ME! The fire is back and is ready to write again!

So, it's been a long time since I've done something so why not start writing again? After all, it makes me and hopefully some other people happy!

Anyway, I'll be updating soon with a few character bios and hopefully, some short stories to accompany them!

See you all later,

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