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So yeah... I'm trying out commissions.


As Ammy brought in the gifts that Kallo wanted, she prepared herself to get some sort of lecture or some complaint from Kallo.

She was confused but also happy when Kallo wasn't in sight. She set the perfume and the crown on the side when Kallo walked in.

"Oh, wow! Wow... I didn't actually think you'd get them. Wow! You're basically the best owner ever - did you know that, Ammy? I can't believe I ever thought... Well, that's not important!" Kallo purred and he jumped up onto the kitchen side, purring and letting Ammy pet him again.
After a moment, though, he seemed to realize something and his ears and tail drooped.

"I...I...I'm sorry I said all those mean thing to you and told you to get rid of everyone... That wasn't very nice of me and I think you deserve better. You're just the nicest and well..." Kallo paused in mid sentence and looked up at Ammy for forgiveness. Ammy smiled and hugged him tightly.

"It's okay, I forgive you..." Ammy whispered into Kallo's ear and she kissed him on the forehead, placing him back onto the table again.

Kallo smiles and scurries off to his room, bringing back with him a really fluffy plushie in his mouth. Clambering up onto the table again, he put down the plushie gently next to him.

"Okay, since you're the best ever and I could never dislike you, I want you to have this! I think you'll find the toy to be especially cute, or at least very familiar." Kallo batted his eyelashes a couple of times.

"But thank you so much! I don't think I'll ever be unhappy again, as long as I'm sitting by your side, Ammy. No matter how many others you bring in, just... promise to never forget about me, okay?"

"Kal, I could never ever forget about you. I love you so very much." Ammy reassured him before picking him up.
"Now, I think we should crown our king I think." She giggled and placed the crown gently on his head.

Kallo smiled and nuzzled her face gently. "Thanks for everything, Ammy. I love you so much."
CATastrophe! (End)
So it is a happy ending after all. 
Ammy placed the food that Kallo wanted on the counter, next to him. Three milk cartons, two tuna and two salmon, just as he ordered.

Kallo stared at them for a moment before turning to Ammy again. "I GUESS these will do." He grinned before studying them a little more.

Ammy bit her tongue and resisted the urge to point out to him that these were the exact items that he asked for in the first place.
It was a difficult task, but she managed it. As she struggled internally, Kallo then sets the food aside and returns to her.

"Am I done yet?" Ammy asked politely, looking into his eyes. "No! We're not done here yet! You haven't been playing with me enough, and the toys that you use when you play with me are horrible, or you let the others use them too."
Ammy mentally slapped herself as she remembered how angry Kallo is with her when he caught another pet playing with his favourite toy mouse.

Kallo grinned and continued to talk. "You're going to go out and buy me some new things, stat. And don't come back until you've got them all."

Kallo then placed one paw on her and pushed her a little. Ammy sighed and walked out of the house again.

"Bye!" She heard him call after her. This is starting to get a bit annoying.


It took Ammy a long time to find each Felynx plushie that Kallo wanted but she managed to find them.

Walking into her home again, she lined the plushies on the floor in front of him, as he washed himself.

In mid-lick, he spotted the plushies and immediately stopped cleaning himself.
"Wow! They're so cute! I mean, they're not as wonderful as me, of course, but... wow."

Kallo seemed to had completely forgotten about Ammy for a moment as he played with his new toys, cooing at them and smashing them into one another.
It might have been endearing if Ammy weren't so sour about the whole thing.

After a while, Kallo seemed to get a grip of himself and turned back to Ammy.
"Well this isn't quite nice enough; too bad for you! I still want one more batch of things."

Ammy prepared herself for what was going to come next.
"Do you see this fur? It doesn't shine and smell nice enough! And look at this head! There isn't a crown in sight and I think I deserve one!" Kallo moaned and sat up taller.

"I'm downright deprived!" Kallo growled loudly before stopping and grinning.
"Now go and get what I want."

Ammy left the house once again, wanting all this to stop.
This is getting beyond ridiculous but she will do it.
CATastrophe! (Part 2)
Part 2 in this short story about Kallo being a huge butt. Ammy seems to be losing her patience with Kallo but will she end up losing her temper or end up finding out it was worth it after all?
We'll see.
"Kallo... Kallo... Yeah, I can live with that." Kallo looks up and finally takes notice of Ammy, his new owner, standing off to the side.

"So you're my new owner, I take it? Well, you did a pretty good job in naming me if I do say so myself." Kallo's stomach grumbles loudly at the end of his sentence and Ammy quickly looks down at Kallo's tummy. He smiles nervously and jumps up onto her shoulders. "Sorry about that, but I'm starving. Have you got any food?"

Ammy shook her head slightly and made her way out the door. "I don't have any food on me yet, but I know where I can get some."


Ammy and Kallo soon made their way out of the shop with some meat and a small carton of milk. Sitting down on the table outside, Kallo jumped off Ammy's shoulders, sat down on the table and without waiting, grabbed the meat from Ammy's hand and munched on the food hungrily without a care for manners.
Within seconds, it had been eaten completely and Kallo let out a loud, round burp.

"That hit the spot..." Kallo purred before jumping onto Ammy's shoulders again. "Shall we go home then?"


As soon as they both got home, Kallo was off Ammy's shoulders and began to look around the bare room which only held a bed, some clothes in the corner and some slightly ruined books.
Kallo looked back at Ammy who was putting some human food on the counter. He stared at her sheepishly and jumped up onto the food counter to face her.

"Nice place you've got here. But there's not much for me to do. I'm kinda bored." Kallo looked around the kitchen area and smiled. "Hey - do you have a toy we can play with? No? Maybe you could go to some toy shop?"

Ammy rolled her eyes and nodded. "Fine. What do you want?"
"Oh nothing much, something worth playing with maybe?" He sat down and grinned.
Ammy sighed and put her cream coat back on, heading towards the door when Kallo called after her.

"I'll wait right here! Just waiting! Bored to death!"


When Ammy got home, she saw Kallo sitting on the floor, expecting her.

"I've been expecting you..." Kallo said darkly, looking up from the ground and grinning evilly.
Ammy started to worry but she closed the door behind her and smiled.

"Did you bring it?" Kallo laughed darkly, his tail swishing from side to side.
"Do you mean this?" Ammy pulled out a plush mouse and Kallo's face lit up.

"Gimme! Gimme!" Kallo started jumping up and down, trying to bat the mouse out of Ammy's hand but she held it just out of his reach.

Ammy laughed and threw it out into the other room, watching Kallo chase after it.

"Have fun!"


After a hour or so, Kallo carried his new favourite toy out to Ammy who was reading a book on her bed.

Placing it down at her feet, he jumped up onto her lap and curled up into a ball.

"That was so much fun. Thanks for adopting me..." He purred and slowly drifted off to sleep.

"No problem buddy... Sweet dreams..." Ammy smiled and continued to read her book for the rest of the night.
A New Pet.
This is how Ammy and Kallo spent their first day together. Having fun.
"Hey Ammy! I've got a bone to pick with you!"

Kallo rushed over to Ammy who was busy playing on her DSi, eyes sparking with anger and his face set in a deep frown. He batted away the DS onto the floor and stood on Ammy's lap, sitting down on it.

"What's wrong Kal? What do you want?" Ammy immediately tried to defuse the situation by stroking his fur, petting him gently and asking him what was wrong.

Kallo was having none of it and he hisses at her with hate, blaring his sharp teeth.
"Don't give me that! I'll be having none of your stupid nice ways. In fact, I was thinking about being coy about this, but right now I don't want to be. I'm sick and tired of you bringing home MORE pets! I don't get it! I should be more than enough for you! What's going on?" Kallo growled, staring into Ammy's eyes and grinned slyly. "I'm beyond perfect and I'm amazing. Why would you ever need anyone but me?"

Thinking quickly, Ammy tried to reassure Kallo that she still loved him no matter how many pets she would own, and that they'll always have a place in her heart, including him.
This only fuelled his considerable anger.

"I don't want to be loved just like everyone else! I want to be loved the most because I am THE BEST!" Kallo stamped his paws on her lap and twitches his tail. He stops after a couple of seconds and grins.

"So here's the deal, you have three options: either give me the credit I deserve, throw out all the other stinky pets that I don't like (especially Seast, I hate Seast!), oror!" Kallo hesitates with the last one, and waves his tail in irritation. "Or I don't know but it won't be good! Take your pick."

Ammy sighed, none of those options were fair. But Ammy loved Kallo dearly, so she would play his little game. If he wanted to be royalty for a day, then it was up to Ammy to help him out the best she could.

"I would have no trouble proving how much I love you, Kal." Ammy smiled as brightly as she could.

Kallo seemed to perk up visibly with the news. "Glad to hear that you've came to your senses! I knew there was a reason why I still loved you, Ammy. Now, as for what I want first..." He seems to be almost perfectly quiet while he was considering what to ask her first. Talk about him being a little ass-

"Well, I haven't been able to eat much good food lately, now that you have been showering it on the... other pets..." Kallo shuddered a little. "So I guess that's a good place to start! Now what do I want..."
Introducing two new characters! Ammy and Kallo (And Seast. A random one of mine. :3 ) are two characters which you will find out about soon enough!
Full Name: Lucas James Grey
Also Known As: LJG, L, Luca and Psy
Race/Species: VGC
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 20/07/1998
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Occupation: Unknown
Heritage: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Unmarried
Languages Spoken: English, French and a bit of Spanish
Religious Beliefs: Christian
Skills: Good with Computers and Melee weapons. He is also great at communication within a group.
Powers: Lucas is psychic
Notable Strengths: Lucas is also rather smart and can use his ability to sense things from very far away without much trouble.
Notable Weaknesses: He is the weakest of the group and a sitting duck if he were to be attacked by someone. He also has constant headaches from his Psychic powers, which is why he normally brings along
Physical Appearance: Lucas is a skinny boy and rather short. His hair is short and blond with bright blue eyes. His height is 5'7.
Usual Attire: He wears a blue shirt with jeans with a short lab coat on him.
Inventory: Calculator, headache tablets and a spare lab coat.
Vehicle: None
Personality: Lucas is cowardly but friendly and kind. He makes friends easily and is always happy around his close friends.
Backstory: None
Close Friends: Sam and Michael
Worst Enemies: All evil people
Habits: Tapping on the things when nervous
Likes: Science and practising his psychic abilities.
Dislikes: Headaches and people being mean to him
Phobias: Snakes
Lucas James Grey
New character? Hell yeah!

Everyone welcome Lucas! The shy psychic who loves making friends!

More coming up soon! :3
ME! The fire is back and is ready to write again!

So, it's been a long time since I've done something so why not start writing again? After all, it makes me and hopefully some other people happy!

Anyway, I'll be updating soon with a few character bios and hopefully, some short stories to accompany them!

See you all later,

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